commercial hydropower system boise id

Our hydropower machines are built in Boise, ID but we ship internationally

Hydropower is a very economical and reliable source of alternative energy. It can be harnessed from many streams or creeks with a few feet to several hundred feet of elevation change. It is simple to predict an approximate amount of energy that may be extracted at a site. However, implementation can be very difficult for standard construction companies. Aurora Power & Design Inc. has designed and installed many hydro systems, and understands the 'ins' and 'outs' of this process. If you have a stream or existing hydro system, Aurora Power offers unmatched services in the areas of design, installation, and maintenance. If you would like to know more about our hydropower services in Boise, ID or would like to receive an estimate, please contact us. We can ship to you internationally.

How Much Power Can I Produce?

Every site is different in its flow and height drop available. For many sites we have a hydro turbine to suit your application, so please Contact Us to to speak with a hydro expert about your specific site and its capabilities. We can also provide you with a price and power estimates based on your site data.


Hydropower is one of the best ways to generate clean, renewable energy for your home. However, not every location is suitable for hydropower. The perfect location for a hydro system is a place with a lot of elevation change, referred to as "head", with a large volume of water flowing. Large streams and rivers, while they have a great deal of water flowing, are often not well suited for hydropower as they have very little elevation change. Additionally, using hydro turbines to recover energy from pumping systems is not often economically viable. If you have any questions whether a hydro turbine system would be right for you, fell free to speak with one of engineers and we can determine if hydro power is right for you.


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Ruggedly Built, twin nozzle, 1500W micro hydro turbine. Comes with all parts and tools for field assembly. (More pictures and Video below, scroll down!)
PowerSpout PLT, This turbine can be designed to charge 12v 24v or 48v batteries or connect directly to a grid-tied inverter. A good choice for off-grid installations where the turbine is within 100ft (30meters) of the battery bank or a grid-tied installation where the turbine is less than 2000ft away from inverter location. If off-grid it will require a load dump charge controller to protect the battery bank. These can also easily be paired with a MidNite Classic charge controller!

Ruggedly Built, twin nozzle, 1500W micro hydro turbine. Comes with all parts and tools for field assembly. Designed to charge 12V 24V or 48V batteries using any of the MidNite Classic Charge Controllers


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Ruggedly built 1500W Kaplan hydro turbine. Comes with all parts and tools for field assembly.
Common PowerSpout LH and LH Pro products. All LH and LH Pro products connect via MPPT regulators or grid-tied inverters. There are no direct battery options available.*

Why Aurora Power & Design?

Aurora Power & Design of Boise, ID has been serving the Treasure Valley for over 30 years and has NABCEP certified installers with Idaho State Solar electric licences to assist you with the entire process. At the initial consultation our team will visit your home to discuss how the system is installed, asses the site for the optimal location, analyze your energy usage to determine how much power your need, and answer any questions you have. We will be there every step of the way from providing a detailed quote, estimating system power production and your savings to a professional installation by our experienced team of installers.

PowerSpout Hydros

PowerSpout Hydros are and excellent choice for many hydropower applications in Boise, ID & the surrounding areas. These turbines are efficient, cost effective, durable, easy to setup and can produce up to 1500 Watts of power per turbine! If your site is suitable, we can even install multiple turbines to take full advantage of your water source. Hydro turbines produce power 24/7 and are often an excellent solution for your power needs. Aurora Power is the leading dealer of power spout turbines in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. We can also ship anywhere in the world!
The LH (Low Head) operates in sites with low head (3 to 16 ft) and high flow (400 to 880 gpm) Learn More. Learn More About the PRO
The TRG (Turgo) operates in sites with medium head (6.6 to 100 ft) and medium flows (127 to 254 gpm) Learn More
The PLT (Pelton) operates in sites with higher head (10 to 430 ft) and lower flows (1 to 160 gpm) Learn More

commercial hydropower system boise id
commercial hydropower system boise id

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