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You may have heard that solar panels are expensive to purchase and install. The truth is, they often pay for themselves in just a few short years due to the money you save on energy bills.

A solar energy equipment supplier can provide exactly what you need for the size and layout of your location. We'll focus on the equipment you need and make sure we can install it in a place where it receives the most sunlight. This holistic approach to solar power helps you get the most out of these solar energy solutions.

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We've been in the solar energy business since 1985. As one of the oldest renewable energy companies in the country, we have the edge on solar power. You can depend on us to keep you updated with the most modern, efficient solar power equipment.

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You don't have to rely on a power grid to run your home. Thanks to a solar panel company like Aurora Power & Design Inc., you can use solar power to provide electricity for your home or business.

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