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You don't have to stress about your power going out. If you have a backup generator ready to go, you'll never get left in the dark. Aurora Power & Design Inc. has plenty of generators available. We carry generators that run on gas, diesel, propane or natural gas and can also source or build units that run on multiple fuels. We are dealers for Kohler, Champion, Generac, Onan, Cummins Kubota, and Zenith Generators for both backup and prime power applications
We can service and repair all makes and models of generators on your site or in our shop. We can take care of delivery and installation for you so you're ready to go during the next blackout. Need prime power generation for your site? We can offer prime power solutions as well!

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Power your Boise, ID home with a generator

If you need a residential generator backup, let us know. We can provide you with the generator you need at an affordable price. Make sure you’re ready for any emergency by getting a backup generator installed.

These energy-efficient generators are great for commercial and residential locations alike. Getting a commercial generator is a good idea because:

  • You can keep business going during a power outage
  • You won’t have to worry about scared or irritated customers
  • You’ll be prepared in the event of an emergency

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We also offer prime power generator solutions for your off grid cabin or home! We install, service and repair prime power generator systems . We also offer emergency repairs and services all year around!

  • Telecommunications
  • Water Pumping
  • Residential Prime Power

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